Web testing


Devices usually come pre-installed with a number of browsers. We add as many as we think are relevant.┬áSome key browsers to check are ‘Internet’ on Samsung devices, Chrome and Chrome Beta, and Safari on iOS. Feel free to add or test any others you need.

Getting your site ready

For ease of use, avoid locking your site down via IP. We can’t open up a VPN for every site that needs testing. You can put a .htaccess .htpaswd, but this will slow down your testing ability dramatically. We can understand a need for security, but it will affect your testing. Of course, if you’re already testing on a live site, then you’re already sorted!


Using BrowserStack

Screenshot 2018-12-19 at 16.47.52

Thanks to BrowserStack, we have a full BrowserStack subscription. This provides access to all of the operating systems and browsers on this list, most important of which is Internet Explorer versions which you may not have access to on your development machines. Using Browserstack in Open Device Lab Bournemouth is free, just let us know you’d like to use it when booking.