Case Study: Animal

Published on 21st March 2014 by Jon

Local agency Createful popped into the ODL to do some testing on their new responsive website for Animal.


Toby from Createful, had the following kind words to say about us:

“We used the facilities at the ODL in order to test the final development stages of the new Animal brand website. We had been working closely with the client, who had access to browser and device emulation software, but we discovered some discrepancies and so decided to sit down and look at the site on a range of common devices. The process was a breeze – we booked a slot, told the guys what devices we wanted access to, and it was all laid out for us when we arrived. Controlling all the devices from one interface made the whole thing much simpler, and within about half an hour we’d achieved a great deal that we just couldn’t have done using emulators.”

Animal are a well known worldwide brand with their HQ in Poole, a stone’s throw away from the ODL.