Big new devices in the lab

Improving the quality of our device lab with brand new devices.

Published on 23rd March 2015 by Jon
Sony D5322 Xperia T2 Ultra

Sony D5322 Xperia T2 Ultra

One of the most crucial aspects of an Open Device Lab is keeping up to date with the latest technology. As of today, we’re bringing in a refreshed collection of brand new devices and removing some older, unused devices. This time around, rather than just bumping up our total devices, we’re cutting the chaff and improving the device lab’s quality.

This switch is a key part of our dedication to keep the ODL updated, relevant, and engaging. Thanks to our partnership with WDS, we’re able to have all these new devices and keep the ODL updated.

Devices leaving the lab

Many of the devices leaving the lab are very old. As I packed them away to go back to WDS, it showed how far we’ve come since the early 00’s of mobile phones.

Many of these devices we’ve had in the lab for a while now, and many of them were left unused. Some don’t have WiFi and don’t work with modern carriers, rendering them useless.

Manufacturer Device OS Device Type
Samsung S7250 Wave M Bada Phone
O2 XDA Stellar N/A Phone
O2 XDA Zest N/A Phone
O2 XDA IQ N/A Phone
HTC Touch Diamond 2 Windows Phone
Toshiba Portege G500 Windows Phone
O2 JET N/A Phone
O2 Ice N/A Phone
LG W3000 N/A Phone
O2 XLI N/A Phone
LG U8150 N/A Phone
LG U880 N/A Phone
LG U8360 N/A Phone
LG U8138 N/A Phone
O2 X2I N/A Phone
O2 X2 N/A Phone
Toshiba Portege G450 N/A Phone
HP iPAQ Voice Messenger Windows Phone
Palm Treo 500 Windows Phone
Nokia 6086 N/A Phone
Nokia 9300i N/A Phone
Nokia 9500 N/A Phone
Vodafone v1605 N/A Phone
LG U8330 N/A Phone
Nokia 2760 N/A Phone
Motorola E770v N/A Phone
MOJO Chat N/A Phone
Nokia 6101 N/A Phone
Samsung X640C N/A Phone
Nokia 103 N/A Phone
NEC E616 N/A Phone
Motorola C350 N/A Phone
Nokia 3300 N/A Phone

Devices joining the lab

Samsung SM-N910F Galaxy Note 4

Samsung SM-N910F Galaxy Note 4

Most of these devices are from 2014. We’ve tried hard to get modern devices. We’ve got an iPhone 6 joining our iOS devices in the lab. We’ve got some huge phablets that put the iPhone 6 Plus to shame, we recommend them as a must-test for your sites and apps. There’s also the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, an immensely popular and immensely huge phablet.

We’ve also got a XiaoMi Android phone joining the lab. These aren’t available in Europe or the US. XiaoMi is the biggest phone manufacturer in the world you’ve probably never heard of, selling 61 million phones last year. If you’re planning on your project being seen worldwide, then you can’t skip out on this phone.

  • Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
  • Apple iPad Air 2
  • Sony D5322 Xperia T2 Ultra dual
  • Asus A601CG ZenFone 6
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Manufacturer Device OS Device Type
Apple iPhone 6 iOS Phone
Apple iPad Air 2 iOS Tablet
Apple iPad iOS Tablet
Apple iPhone 6 Plus iOS Phone
Alcatel One Touch 6033X Idol Ultra Android Phone
Alcatel One Touch 4033D Pop C3 Android Phone
Alcatel One Touch 6037Y Idol 2 Android Phone
LG D620r G2 Mini LTE Android Phone
Alcatel One Touch 5036D Pop C5 Android Phone
Alcatel One Touch 810D Glam Proprietary Phone
Alcatel One Touch 3040G Tribe Proprietary Phone
Asus A501CG ZenFone 5 Android Phone
Asus A601CG Zenfone 6 Android Phone
Huawei G750-T00 Honor 3X Android Phone
Huawei U9508 Honor 2 Android Phone
Sony D5322 Xperia T2 Ultra dual Android Phone
ZTE Blade Vec 4G Android Phone
ZTE OPEN FireFox OS Phone
Samsung SM-C115 Galaxy K zoom Android Phone
Samsung GT-S7262 Galaxy Star Plus DUOS Android Phone
Samsung GT-I9105P Galaxy S II Plus NFC Android Phone
Samsung GT-I8260 Galaxy Core Android Phone
Samsung SM-G530Y Galaxy Grand Prime Android Phone
LG D335 L Bello Android Phone
LG D405N L90 Android Phone
XiaoMi MI-2A Android Phone


Available now

All of these new devices are available right now for you to book and use in the Lab.